Services Templated Design

Sometimes, you need an easy to use, attractive site without the hassle of a custom design. We offer templated and semi-custom designs for practices like yours. Our designer keeps a library of modern, effective template designs that look much more expensive than they really are.

Will My Template Represent My Practice?

Each pre-designed template is created with user experience and attractiveness in mind- and like all of our custom sites, the templates are housed on our unique software that allows us to keep your website up to date. We will add your logo and images at no cost to you. Each template has four to five color variations available to you, so you can find a theme that fits your practice and allows you to find a cost-effective and attractive way to market you practice.


If you decide that you prefer other stock images or custom photography for your banner or your buckets, we can make a template a semi-custom design for a small fee. A semi-custom template also allows you to adjust the colors to match your brand colors, so you get the look and feel of a custom design at a much more cost-effective rate.

To see an example of a template site and understand what each page can look like, please view our example template site here.

What if I want a custom design?

Wonderful! We’d love to work with you on a design that’s unique to your your practice. We’ve created hundreds of custom designs for practices, so let’s chat about what we can do for you.