Services Search Engine Optimization

When people are in need of a veterinary clinic they will use major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find the right fit for their pets. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to help get your business name toward the top of the list where it can be easily seen.

What is SEO?

Major search engines use custom algorithms to crawl through the back and front end of websites, providing them a rank based on the quality of design, content, and many other factors on your site. These ranks will dictate where your business is placed on the search engine results page.

Most of our clients experience an increase in website traffic within the first couple of months. This traffic gives your business more recognition and can turn users into longtime clients and patients. While SEO can take some time to really get off the ground, it’s much more cost effective than most other forms of marketing and has long term results. 

How long does SEO take?

That depends on several factors. When we provide a quote for each practice, we include the hurdles and barriers we expect to encounter. Some of the most common factors that dictate how long a site takes to see results include:

  • History of the website and website address (URL)
  • Proximity of the practice to the targeted localities
  • Amount of competitors in the targeted area
  • Previous SEO campaigns, including both positive and negative tactics

For instance, a brand new practice with no previous web presence in a city with several established practices will take much longer to see desired results than an established practice in a less populated area. We let you know our best estimates based on our experience before we start your campaign. If you’re looking for quicker results, we can consider adding PPC to your marketing while we work on your SEO campaign.

What does the process look like?

Setup Stage:

Prior to launch, we set up Google Analytics tracking codes for each website so we can track how users got to your website, what they did while on the site, and how many users “converted” by either sending an email, calling the practice, or performing other pre-determined activities. This also helps us monitor the health and usefulness of your pages over time, so if we see a page that seems to be underperforming, we can take actions to improve that page.

After the site has been launched, your campaign goes into the setup stage. By this point, you will have provided us information about your previous campaigns, logins to all available and relevant sites, and goals for your campaign. We take this all into consideration while we go through and optimize each page on your site and setup/claim/verify directories and citations.Each login and account we create on your behalf belongs to you, and you will be provided a list with all information. This process takes a few weeks and involves some interactions with your practice, though we do all of the heavy lifting.

Monthly SEO:

Upon completion of your setup, your site will move into Monthly SEO. The work we perform each month can vary based on what we determine as most important for your site. At the beginning of a campaign, we may focus more on establishing consistency across a wider collection of directories and listings than we addressed in the setup, while later on we may work on adding new content to the site or starting to target new surrounding areas.

Each month, you receive a report that includes your website rankings and traffic information, what we worked on that month, and what you can do to help your campaign. You will be able to review your report with your account manager on your monthly call if you have additional questions or concerns.

Building a Foundation

You can’t build a solid house on a shaky foundation, and the same goes for your SEO campaign. Before we go into monthly marketing, we make sure all major and urgent needs are addressed and corrected.

Ongoing SEO

Your ongoing campaign is where we start to see real results. SEO is a long-term investment that helps your practice see changes and improvements, attracting new patients from your surrounding areas.