Why Your Practice Needs Professional Email Addresses


Imagine receiving an email from your banker that comes from an AOL email address. It would probably set off alarm bells, right? You expect that professional businesses have professional email address. So why is your practice still using free email addresses to conduct business?

A domain-level email a cost-effective way to ensure that your practice appears professional as well as provides control to you as the practice owner. Through your admin panel, you can create and delete email addresses for staff, recover passwords when someone forgets thiers, and reset access should you need to commandeer the account. You can also set security features such as two-step authentication to help prevent hackers from accessing your accounts.

The main two providers for business accounts are Google Apps for Business and Microsoft’s Office 360. At VetMethod, we use Google Apps for Business as our preferred vendor. There are very few outages in years of using them, it’s easy to set up new accounts, and the other features such as Drive and Calendar make it easy to share schedules, documents, and files. While we don’t maintain email accounts for any of our clients (we stick with what we do best– websites and marketing!) we’re happy to help set up a Google Apps account for you, which gives you access to the Google Apps support team should any problems arise.