When is a WebsiteNot Just a Website?

Our Platform

is a constantly evolving and maturing marketing tool 

When we started making websites for our sister company, Great Dental Websites, we built something that would allow our clients to have a content management system (CMS) that grew and evolved over time. Some commercially available CMSs, including WordPress, Drupal, and SquareSpace, offer updates over time. However, they also require that someone with technical expertise release these updates, which isn’t cost effective or scalable. So we decided that in order to create the websites that we wanted, we needed to build our own platform.

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What's Included?

Our "starting package" for all websites includes setup on our platform, a semi-custom template design, content migration and redirects of existing website pages, and customized homepage copy. Want something else? No problem! We can chat about how to make a website package as unique as your practice.

How Does Your Platform Help Me?

Unlike commercially available options, our updates can be applied retroactively. What does that mean for you? When we release a new feature that benefits our clients as a whole, we apply it to every single site, at no additional cost to you. If Google decides that all websites should be turned upside down, we will write a code that will turn everyone's site upside down, release it to our clients, and then send an update letting you know that we handled it for you.

Aside from maintaining an updated website platform, we also created something that was easy for our clients to use. We don’t want you to have to call your website company every time you want to add a new team member, post a blog, or change some basic information. That not only increases costs for the website company, but it’s annoying and time consuming for you, the client. So, we created a platform that anyone can learn how to manage. And if you are stuck, give us a call or shoot us an email. Support is included in your monthly subscription!